This weekend I walked into the brewery and felt immediate joy! It was a reminder of why we bought Bare Arms Brewing. The past two months have been full of quite a range of emotions – challenges, eye-openers, disappointments, successes and celebrations. But last night was the perfect example of why it was so essential for us to buy the brewery. It wasn’t just about Kevin’s love of beer and making great beer, but it was about creating a place for people to unwind and celebrate community.

When I walked into the brewery last night, it was bustling. There was a large group of Norwegians traveling into town that were enjoying flights of beer and laughing at each other’s jokes. In addition, there was a young family playing card games; a couple engaged in deep intimate conversation; another older family planning their daughters upcoming wedding plans; a group of men debating politics but finding common ground; and perfect strangers meeting new friends. This was precisely why we created the taproom. We want people to stay awhile and reconnect with each other.

In a time when there are more ways to communicate digitally than ever before (finding complete irony in this statement as I write a blog post for social media – LOL), we find ourselves lonelier than ever. I think we feel alone because we have lost the human connection. I see young kids sitting across the table on their cell phones, not saying a word. We all need to reconnect. Truly my favorite hours are spent in deep conversation with my husband Kevin, sitting around a table with the dearest friends one could ever want here in Waco, or meeting new friends and learning about their lives!

Our goal for developing the taproom was to create an environment that allows people to reconnect with each other and celebrate friendship. Please come and bring your friends and enjoy the new taproom and a pint of craft beer.

P.S. – Wine lovers, we didn’t forget about you. Even though your friends like beer, you can still come an enjoy their company. Bring your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy our wine service, all while connecting with your friends. And we’ll have food soon too!

Cheers – here’s to past, current, and future friends!